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January 27th

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3 Ways To Easily Win A WhoRunPhilly2K & Madden Tournament: The Secrets Of Using My Rules To Your Advantage!

              After just having my 29th Tournament last week something became very clear to me. Everyone is not as good as they think in 2K & Madden. This is a perfect opportunity for you to come and cash out on this free money. With the execution of these 3 tips I plan on giving you in this Newsletter and one week of practice (I mean actually in the lab at least one time a day) prior to the tournament date and you can easily win the cash prize with no sweat. I understand that you might have had doubts before about signing up because you feel like you just not good enough to win the whole thing. These 3 simple ways will allow you to use the flaws in my ruling system to your advantage and make your game elite.

1.       The Buy Back is your Friend


This will only apply if you been to one of my tournaments already. You will always play less people in the buy-back bracket. I want you to answer a question for me. If I had to beat 5 people and you had to beat 3 people in a game of 2K or Madden. Who would have an easier road to victory? Obliviously it would be you. So by just using this example alone you clearly see the advantage. Then depending on the tournament and how many people actually buy-back you could possibly play even less people. Understand that if you spend a little bit more you always greater your chances on winning in my tournaments.

2.       Use the Coin Flip to get Players off their Main Team

coin toss 3.jpg

If you play 2K then it probably would be easy to guess what team you most likely will play all the time in any tournament. Golden State Warriors & the Cleveland Cavaliers are the two most dominant teams in the game and if you ever been to a WhoRunPhilly2K tournament you will quickly see that they are the two most picked teams in the tournament. This is a disadvantage that many players don’t even see. When you get reliant on a team of that caliber it’s always very hard to switch to an average team with few superstars. So if I know you just beat two people with the Warriors and we play next then the first thing I’m doing is saying I play with the Warriors also. Because chances are that’s your main team and picking another team will almost always interrupt your flow. So let’s say you lose the coin flip not only will you have to pick another team but guess what you have to also play against your main team.

3.       The Time Length Of The Quarters Provides A Underutilized Edge Over The Competition

time 2.jpg

Traditionally, the 3 minute quarters was set for the speed of the tournament so that we could complete everything in one day. But it didn’t take me long to notice the advantage it can give a player that understand the value it provide if you know how to use it right. There have been numerous times I’ve seen players lose after having a 10 point lead coming out of halftime. This is mind-blowing to me because if that player just slow everything down and see that its only 6 minutes left in the game to beat them then the outcome will always be in their favor. Practice playing a controlled game where you normally take all your shots around the 5 or 6 seconds left in the shot clock and the rules in my tournament will always compliment you. Don’t play to the speed of the competitor and dictate the speed of the game first by running plays or using the pick and roll option to burn some time. Because if you are already playing at this pace when that 10-0 run come it will be very hard for your opponent to come back because they will not only be fighting the score but also the time.

Don’t overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. Use the tips in this Newsletter to your advantage and come get this free money.

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