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The 2 Things You Need To Know Up Until This Point & About The Madden 19 Tournaments!



          I feel like I'm finally getting the traction I was looking for. I really believe people are actually starting to realize that you don't have to play the game all the time or be ranked or something like that to win one of these Tournaments. You can win this tournament without all the Game books & Strategies that you think people use.  With a little bit of practice right before the tournament I am telling you that you can come out with the cash prize easily. I mean we all play Madden & NBA2K so everybody have the basic knowledge of how to play the game. I'm going to be straight up with you like when I told you before in another Newsletter everybody is not as good as you might think. I mean yeah besides this 3 tournament run Lil is on right now other people snuck in an won a couple of 2K tournaments. Then Madden its kinda been a toss us as of late. I mean Dubby was running it, then Jared took the top spot. Now its Junior so you definitely can win a Madden tournament. So listen to me take this guide #TheCheatCode & come get this free money. 

Now let me get to the 2 things you need to know!

1. This will be my last Madden 18 Tournament.

              So I wont be having a June or August tournament. I'm currently putting some things together behind the scenes to make the tournaments way better for everyone. So I will drop the flyer at a later date because the cover didn't even come out yet. I agree, I know people really show up for these two tournaments (June & August) with it being summer & usually people get out of school at this time. But I just want everyone to know I'm coming back way stronger once October get here. 

 2. Madden 19 Tournaments Will Be On XBOX!


            I know what your thinking finally right. I agree, I dragged my feet with this issue because I really didn't know it was such a big deal at first. Apparently, the game play is not the same. So I do listen to everybody opinions & requests, I just actually wanted to make sure I could get the systems. We coming back the XBOX way. I don't know if I want to change 2K to Xbox also. So if you can comment below what everyone prefer. So just know I don't want to hear anything else & all the people that was screaming that Xbox stuff better get in and back that talk up.  

I'm planning to really turn things up this year (Madden19). So for everybody that ever been to one of my tournaments make sure you come back to see #TheProgress for your self.

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