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WhoRunPhilly Madden Newsletter

                 Madden Rankings                               

               1.               Jared                                         

           2.               Dubby                                   

  3.                TJ                                

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                     Why cancel the Who Run Philly 2K tournament when you only had 7 spots left to fill. This is the question I had to repeatedly answer over and over before I decided to finally pull the plug. Rarely do I discuss how many spots my tournaments actually do hold but just know that I could of still made a nice profit without the last 7 spots. However, I felt it would have been better to cancel it due to two specific reasons:

  1. If you have been trailing the WhoRunPhilly2K brand since the beginning you might have noticed that this was going to be my 29th tournament. Therefore, it should become clear that for the past 28 months I’ve had a tournament every single month straight. Although, I enjoy doing this it’s not hard to realize that this can be quite exhausting as with anything you have been doing consecutively for over 2 years. So I just decided to give myself a break.
  2. Now even though I would have still made a nice profit from having the tournament without the 7 spots filled. That does not exclude the fact that I told everyone if it wasn’t completely filled I would not have the tournament at all. For this reason alone was enough for me to just cancel it because I had this tournament because of the request from players. In other words if I would of never heard that people wanted the big money pot I would have continued with the pay scale I was already using.

              Furthermore, we got the Who Run Philly Madden tournament coming up December 30th and I’m interested in seeing if Jared can make it 3 straight. One thing about my Madden tournaments is that the winners usually go on streaks. Every winner won at least two or more tournaments a piece. Eventually, I will be giving out a prize for the players who win 3 tournaments in a row as a benchmark type of thing. I will be giving everyone more insight on my vision in the next newsletter. But before I forget let me explain the term which I label the Floyd Mayweather Effect.
The Floyd Mayweather Effect
              Now we all know Floyd is a great fighter right. It’s probably debates out there that he still is not the best boxer ever but with a 50-0 record you know if you were to attend one of his fights you know you getting your money’s worth. For this reason alone you automatically know you going to be paying top dollar to even sit in the nosebleed section. You make it a priority to get a lay and whatever else you need to look presentable because you already know everybody will be in attendance. So basically you go for them two reasons. So why my Vision is to resemble this effect is simple. I plan on having 2k & Madden tournaments that not only you attend because you can win a nice cash prize but you attend because you know everybody will be there( when I allow spectators to come, I will explain more with my vision in the next newsletter).

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