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                            2K Rankings                               

                    1.               Lil                                         

                   2.       Daykwane                                   

            3.              Jon                                

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              I got a question? Now we all know everybody play the games 2K & Madden. So I’m actually surprised at the fact my plan didn’t take off as fast as I planned. I guess most people look at it like they not good enough to win the actual tournament. But that is exactly why I created this article. To be honest I don’t play the game that much, I mean granted I do play it more often now because I have these tournaments every month. But if I didn’t, I would only play the game if I was over some friends house betting. But the thing is the game would only be either 2K or Madden. Now this is not a knock at all the other various games that people play with their friends, this is just me saying I choose to have tournaments with these two games because I was most familiar with them. So the reason for me saying that was don’t think I created this for people that just do nothing else but play the game all day.

No, I created this for everybody that plat 2K or Madden to come together once a month to have a good time and pop they shit till they win. So even though I know everyone would love to win the prize money each month my initial goal was to create an event where you look at the prize money as a bonus to the overall interaction of the tournament. Imagine every month having something to look forward to which if you win not only do you feel like the top dog in the city but you get a cash prize to add to the already great feeling. I mean actually stop for a second and think about it because it’s going to make my plan that much easier to understand.

So I’m not saying come to my tournament because all you do is go around hood to hood taking people money in 2K. I’m saying come to my tournament if all you do is play in the PARK all day.  The Vibe is what I’m using to really scale everything up. For example, Say Joel Embiid played in a WhoRunPhilly2K tournament. Then I can guarantee if you play 2K you signing up for the next one ASAP just to play him. This is something I call the Floyd Mayweather Effect which I’m going to explain at full length in my next newsletter. For this reason, I’m going to leave this here and just say Sign Up Now and let me show you what I’m trying to do instead of telling you.

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