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A Few Things You Need To Know About The Last Two 2K19 Tournaments Of The Year!

 I will not be having a 2k tournament in May. So what this means is this tournament on March 30th & July will be my last two tournaments of the year for 2k. I am going on a trip in May so I will not have time to promote and do the various different things I need to do to have a tournament. But I will be adding a Madden tournament in June which I took away last year to give myself a break from having a tournament every month.

Final Four Players will now play on 4 min Quarters. This is the games in the tournaments that will be affected –

-          Regular Chip Game

-          Buy Back Chip Game

-          Tournament Chip Game

Going forward I will be having a lot more Dungeon Games in which you as the player can have a chance to win even more money if you win the tournament. I already have Dubby playing the games for me in Madden. I am now looking for a player in 2k to play my games. So if you feel you would like to be that person Comment below and I will reach out.

Next year I will have all my 2k tournaments on PS4 & all my Madden tournaments on Xbox. I noticed the change in what some of my players prefer so this is how I will have everything going forward.

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