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January 26th Tournament - So again, I state if we don’t fill this tournament up completely I will not have it. There is no reason why I should have 7 spots still left the week of the tournament. We been at this too long for me to even accept that. I’m at the point where I will pull the plug on any tournament if I’m not happy with the results. Regardless of the fact that I would lose money. I will try this again for the 3rd time in July so hopefully we ready by then.

Furthermore, moving on to the Battle Wars Madden tournament on February 23rd. I plan on live streaming this event if we can. So if there is anybody that is good in that department please reach out to me because I could definitely use your help with that.

I’m excited to work with my boy Dubby & Need it Gaming on this event. I want to also bring the Madden tournaments to another level this year and I believe he can help greatly with that. This year I will be bringing you way more Youtube content as well as the streaming.

This Battle Wars tournament will not be ran the same way as the 2K one. I am not selecting the players for this tournament, but will be interviewing & getting drops from everyone in the tournament. I already pretty much have this tournament halfway filled but still gave you a promo code at the top of the page so take advantage.

Other then that I don’t got too much to say, Sign up for the Madden tournament & the Sign Up link for the March 30th 2K19 tournament will be up today.

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