PLUS - (One Time Banner Fee Added First Time)

PLUS - (One Time Banner Fee Added First Time)


2 Tournaments

2X5 Banner

Brand Logo On Next Two Flyers

Opening Speech Recognition (Allowed To Come To Tournament)

S/O on Twitter & Instagram about Sponsorship- Instagram Story Post

Logo Put On Two Videos from the Tournament (Youtube Games)

Some Pictures Taken In Front Of Your Banner & Will be Shown On The Page

No Newsletter Recognition

What You Get & Benefits -

Banner Placement- (Left Side)

Banner Design

Banner Printing

Banner Display

Banner Design - The creation of the graphics for your banner.

Banner Printing - The Printing of the actual banner with the Design on there.

Banner Display - Promoting the actual banner in the WhoRunPhilly2K or WhoRunPhillyMadden Tournament.

Benefits Of This Banner - This banner will get the exposure of being in almost all of the pics & videos with the display in a prime spot in the tournament.