Sponsorship Banner HotSpot #1

Sponsorship Banner HotSpot #1


Banner Placement - (Right Side w Premium Pic)

Size- 2X6

Banner Design

Banner Printing

Banner Display

Premium Pic Fee - $50 (Monthly Fee)

Banner Design - The creation of the graphics for your banner.

Banner Print - The Printing of the actual banner with the Design on there.

Banner Display - Promoting the actual banner in the WhoRunPhilly2K or WhoRunPhillyMadden Tournament.

Premium Pic - The Winner picture will be taken in front of this banner

Benefits Of This Banner- This banner will be looked at as the main banner as the Winner pic will always be taken in front of this banner(Premium Pic Fee). This banner will still get the exposure of being in almost all of the pics & videos with the display in a prime spot in the tournament.

This Banner Display Fee is subject to change from tournament to tournament & you cannot lock in a price with this Banner Hot-Spot.