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Battle Wars

The List Of Players Invited To The Tournament 

1. Marcus Carr                                                         2. Anfernee Goodwin

3. Khalil Glenn                                                        4. James Wah

5. Daykwane Pettigrew                                         6. Randolph Sisco

7. Toshiba Sharon (Gooch)                                   8. Dajoure Hallman (Texas)

9. Jonathan Sisco Jr                                             10. Ryan Rush

11. George Matos                                                  12. Nate Perrin

13. John Anthony                                                  14. Yusufu Rawls

15. Dashawn Alston                                               16. Corevon Wyatt

17. Darius Flowers                                                 18. Douglas Lunsford

19. Darryl Carr                                                    20. Markeyce Cogdell

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What Is Battle Wars?

Battle Wars is a private tournament that players will have to get invited too. This tournament will be recorded & released in the form of episodes.

How Do You Get Invited To Battle Wars?

The players selected by how they do in the WhoRunPhilly2K tournaments over the past year. The selection is based also on how many tournaments you attended. So its a cross between how many tournaments you been in & how good you play in them.

What Is The Prize For Winning Battle Wars?