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40th Tournament

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-          After taking the longest break ever since my last tournament it’s that time again. I been telling everyone a lot recently how I been focused on the bigger picture and trying to reach my potential vision for the tournaments. Well in that case I have good news everyone we are getting closer.

Now before I even start saying anything I want to begin with the fact that I am definitely not where I want to be at this point at all. But I can honestly say from the meetings recently & the Philly News Article that its only a matter of time before everything just blow up in a good way.

              So even tho I did not have a June Madden tournament like I said I was going too in the last Newsletter. I still got something in the works planned now for August that is the same situation as I was gonna have in June. Its harder for me to focus on making the tournaments bigger when I’m having one because I am so content on getting all the Spots filled up. So that couple of months was well needed & I appreciate everyone patience but we are back now so pick them joysticks up again.

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  • How To Get A Free Spot In The July 27th 2K19 Tournament? – So as you all know I want everyone to pass along the word about the Madden & 2K tournaments every month. Well this is your chance to get rewarded for the support you show. I will give out 1 free spot every week (Sunday – Saturday) until the July 27th 2k tournament. So that’s exactly 4 free spots I have to give out to the people who don’t just say they promote the brand to their friends but to the ones who actually do.


What Do You Have To Do To Get The Free Spot?

-          You have to post a Video to your Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/ or Facebook of you or someone else playing either NBA 2K19 or Madden 19 and @ the whorunphilly2k page. You can also post the flyer of the July 27th 2K tournament and @ the whorunphilly2k page to qualify for the spot. I will pick the winner at the end of each week. The winner will be selected by the number of times you post and @ the page also with how much traffic come from your post (Examples- Sign ups, Followers, Comments etc).

Take advantage of this opportunity because if this turns out successful as I imagine I will continue to hold spots in the future for this. Furthermore, we on to the July 27th 2K tournament and this is my 40th tournament in total and I want to make this special so I will be bringing back the PNB smoothies and I already got snacks that I never had for this tournament. That’s all the information I want to give out for right now because I have some other surprises for this tournament that I will leave for the players that Sign Up.

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